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Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Posted by Dave Moldovan on

Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Consumer Reports (CR) recently released an article which details some findings at their food labs about the worrisome content of heavy metals in popular baby food items. 

Many parents know about the dangers of heavy metal consumption from unsafe water sources or certain types of fish but most people don't realize these heavy metals are also present in common foods as well. 

Packaged baby snacks that contained rice were the most worrying, according to CR. Rice can contain potentially troublesome amounts of inorganic arsenic, lead and cadmium. Rice products are a very common addition to packaged baby cereals, puffs and cracker snacks.

Because babies are smaller in size and have developing brains and bodies, they can be more vulnerable to health problems associated with exposure to heavy metals. 

Parents should read the recent Consumer Reports article here. 

The researchers also suggest that concerned parents should consider limiting the amounts of packaged snacks your baby eats, avoid certain types of fish (like swordfish and bigeye tuna) and to be careful of fruit juices. Perhaps most importantly, they also suggest that your have your children to eat a broad array of whole foods. 


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